A Better Approach To Virtual Assistants & Remote Workers

As agency owners ourselves, Agency VA came to life out of several needs we saw in the insurance industry. However, one need that was close to our hearts was the need for better and more ethical treatment of the remote workers who are hired as virtual assistants.

Truly, a core value and a pillar to our business is the desire to disrupt systemic poverty.

How Does Agency VA Disrupt Systemic Poverty?

At Agency VA we’re unique in our approach to virtual assistants. We create a W-2 type relationship wherever we go.

What does that mean for our virtual assistants?

Our virtual assistants being able to obtain loans is key to the disruption of system poverty. With loans these individuals can now purchase cars, homes, and build generational wealth for their families.

It may sound crazy, but some of our virtual assistants are making more than the mayors of their provinces. That’s what we call disruption.

Virtual Assistant Success Story

We believe talk is cheap when it comes to fighting for ethical treatment of others. Watch now to see an interview with one of our virtual assistants, and hear about the impact our systems have had on his and his family’s life:

How Does This Benefit Insurance Agencies?

When you hear about our alternative approach we take with our virtual assistants you may be thinking “That sounds expensive”. Wrong! We have structured our programs so that insurance agencies truly benefit financially, and in the talent they are able to hire. 

Here are just some of the additional benefits to consider:

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