Who Is Agency VA?

We at Agency VA are specialists in the insurance industry’s processes, operations, and data. We engender a culture of success for the customer with every interaction. With a passion for technology and seeking the latest innovation, we implement the latest and best processes!

Our History

Ben Barrientos and Wessly Anderson

Agency VA is a business started, developed, and run by successful agency owners. How else would we know exactly what agencies and carriers need to see success themselves?

Before Agency VA was created, Ben Barrientos and Wessly Anderson, the founders of Agency VA, had been successfully working in the insurance industry for years. However, they couldn’t help but notice the need for:

Ben & Wess's Timeline

What has now become Agency VA, a premier partner to insurance agencies nationwide, all started back in 2005. Checkout our development timeline below, and see if your business should be added to Agency VA story:

Agency VA Offerings

Our Workforce

Through our structure that not only benefits our agency clients, but also each of our virtual assistants, we’ve developed a talented global workforce. This global footprint gives us the ability to provide the right person at the right price for each of our clients. 

To read more about our systems we’ve put in place to benefit our virtual assistants, and to attract the best talent, checkout our Fighting Systemic Poverty Page.

Our Tech

As seasoned veterans in the insurance industry – we know there is more to business development than simply having a talented staff. That’s why we developed our proprietary software AVA. Through leveraging AVA, a product with millions of dollars in invested development, we and our clients are able to further optimize the virtual assistant experience through advanced tracking and business reporting. 

Want to learn more about our industry leading technology and software? Checkout our Software Page now!

Our Approach To Insurance Agencies

Every  business owner in the insurance industry understands the value of a team. The struggle is understanding how to optimize and best use that team.

As leaders in the industry we aim to give each client the data and support they need to be better leaders, and to better direct their businesses. Whether we come in as a full partner through our Autopilot Program (fully managing the virtual assistants and completing tasks at hand), or we’re supplying the top tier labor for our clients through our Agency DIY option – we’re always here to support success!

How do we do this?

We are experts in developing and offering our clients:

Technology tools

Want to learn more?

Find out how our evolution as a business will make us the perfect partner for you and your agency today!