Industry Leading Management & Tracking Software For Insurance Agencies

At Agency VA we have developed the insurance industries premier tracking and management software AVA. Currently to access our complete AVA software you must be a part of our Autopilot Program. However, those who have chosen our DIY Program still have access to vital aspects of our AVA software needed for optimizing your virtual assistants performance. This limited version of AVA is called VA Vision.

However, whether you are using our full AVA software or our VA Vision you can be assured we have the processes in place to protect your client data. 

What Does AVA Software Offer?

AVA is our proprietary insurance based software we use for managing, tracking, and optimizing our remote virtual assistants. With AVA you have access to a software that has between 2-3 million in development behind it. Here’s some of what it offers:

  • Time clock tracking
  • End of day report including daily email with screenshots & productivity percentage
  • Keystroke & mouse movement tracking while clocked in
  • Screen recording via screenshots randomly approximately every 10 minutes
  • Data reporting of activities of each virtual assistant while working within an agency’s book of business
  • Analytics and reports displaying book size, policy cancellations, and reinstatements
  • Payroll transfer for customers to pay in USD, and virtual assistants be paid in their local currency

Watch Our AVA Software At Work!

Watch the following video for a quick overview of the data and dashboards you can access through our AVA Software:

What Does VA Vision Offer?

woman using laptop 1

VA Vision is actually the V1 of our AVA software. It may not offer AVA’s full suite, but it does create productivity reports based on each virtual assistant’s keystrokes, mouse movements, screen refreshes, and more!

This software also takes screenshots of the computer screen throughout the day to help with data security, and to ensure virtual assistants are on the right website throughout the day.

Want To See VA Vision In Action?

VA Vision is getting a facelift! Contact us now to schedule a walk through of what’s to come!

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