Agency In A Box

Our Agency In A Box is a comprehensive offering that empowers carriers at both regional and national levels to establish in-house agencies quickly and efficiently. With this service, carriers can seamlessly set up their own agencies, gaining full control of their distribution channel and strengthening their direct-to-consumer presence.

What Does Agency In A Box Offer?

Our “Agency in a Box” solution covers every step of the process, allowing carriers to focus on their core business while we take care of all the necessary tasks to run a successful agency. Here’s how it works:

1. Establishment

We help carriers establish their in-house agency from the ground up. This includes setting up the infrastructure, technology, and hiring qualified agents to form a skilled team.

2. Marketing

Our expert marketing team develops and executes strategic plans to promote the agency and attract potential clients. Leveraging various channels, we ensure effective brand positioning and visibility in the market.

3. Quoting and Binding

We streamline the quoting and binding process, making it efficient and accurate. Our team of experienced agents handles inquiries, provides quotes, and assists clients in choosing the most suitable insurance policies.

4. Client Servicing

Once policies are bound, we continue to provide excellent client servicing, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. Our focus is on ensuring high customer satisfaction and long-term client retention.

Growing A Carriers Book Of Business

By leveraging our “Agency in a Box” service, carriers can rapidly build their book of business and establish a direct-to-consumer distribution channel.

This approach enhances their ability to interact directly with customers, understand their needs better, and build stronger relationships, all of which contribute to greater customer loyalty and increased revenue.

Agency In A Box Pricing

Payment options for our “Agency in a Box” service are flexible and can be tailored to each carrier’s preferences. Carriers can choose a straight per agent fee, which provides predictable costs, or opt for a percentage of production, which aligns our compensation with the agency’s success. The decision on the payment structure is made on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that it suits the carrier’s specific goals and requirements.

Are you ready for a turnkey solution?

AgencyVA empowers your business to establish in-house agencies that can build their books of business rapidly?  Let us support your marketing, quoting, binding, and client servicing, so you can expand your direct-to-consumer distribution channel and strengthen your position in the market!