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Our Virtual Assistants can take on a variety of tasks

Inbound/Outbound Calls

Our Virtual Assistants will take care of cold calls and call the warm leads. They also specialize in customer service.

Client Facing

Our Virtual Assistants are P&C Licensed. That means they have the ability to meet and work with clients directly.

Web Development

Don't like your website? Our VA Devs team can customize your website to your needs.

Social Media Management

Our VAs will manage your social media and at the end of every month, you will receive a pdf showing the months performance.

Agency VA virtual Assistants can do telemarketing, warm transfers, client facing type tasks. Agency VA virtual assistants are well trained, and crucial part of our team.

Nicholas Ayers, Thrivesure Insurance

Just shear cost Agency VA virtual assistants is about half of what we pay our team here. Double the work for half the cost. We are going to continue to work with them, we are going to continue to scale with them.

Matt Naimoli, G&N Insurance

THEY ARE AWESOME! They can do back office, and client facing tasks. Agency VA virtual assistants can do Emails, Endorsements, Admin Tasks, also they can answer phones if needed.

Jason Cass, The Insurance Alliance

On top of that

Your Data
Stays Secure
VA Vision

With an innovative software like VA Vision, all your team will be on the same page, to efficiently move your business from valleys to the mountain top.

VA Vision will track:
  • Screen refreshes
  • Mouse movements
  • VA Productivity

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