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Uphill Both Ways

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I remember stories of those older than me walking uphill both ways and the passion in their eyes as they recounted their endurance story.

Today we took 8 kids upstream both ways, to allow them to discover the natural beauty of a waterfall in the Rio Tanama.

It reminded me of the past few years of working on our Remote Worker Specialist software, VA Vision. We recognized a need in the insurance industry not only that Virtual Assistants were needed but that better, more up to date software was also needed. Hence, the employee tracking software was created.

We constantly are ahead of the curve. We knew that remote working was vital before Covid-19 hit.

The development of the software has always been met with resistance. Sort of like walking upstream in a beautiful, flowing river. Your surroundings are awesome, but you feel an extreme force pushing you backward, pleading that you give up.

We have tested and tried our technology along with over 100 different agency experts so that we can release a successful product. If you think that I never had a fear that we couldn’t do it, you would be wrong.

Walking with #mis4mocos I saw in their eyes the same fear as the resistance set in.

That same resistance I am met with daily as we set out to continually build the premiere software for working at home.

Like my children, Agency VA will continue upstream. We will embrace the resistance and in a few short weeks, release software that is the #1 tool for remote working, and that will be used by thousands of agents and agencies across the insurance industry.


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