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The Use of Social Media Platforms in Insurance Business

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As time went on and technology evolved, our digital world expanded to a place where almost everyone has access to social media through their phones or computer. As a response to this, insurance companies now consider social media as a catalyst for efficient communication and interaction among people and a natural ally for helping insurance companies improve their business and connect with customers.

Here’s how different social media platforms elevate your insurance business in different ways:


  • Facebook has the potential to be the best way for your insurance business to reach the maximum number of people online because it has the largest user base of any social media platform.
  • Facebook users fall into a wide range of demographic categories, especially when it comes to age. Facebook is an especially effective way to reach internet users 25 years old and older, who are less likely to have accounts on other platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Facebook is the standard social network, so most insurance businesses will benefit from maintaining a presence on the platform. Facebook includes many features- such as business hours, links, “call now” buttons, and detailed analytics- that make it attractive to businesses.


  • Instagram has fewer features than Facebook, which makes it easier for your insurance business to learn how to use the platform.
  • Instagram has powerful visual content
  • If you produce video content or sell a visually appealing product, Instagram is an excellent way to reach customers especially when it goes viral.


  • LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform for companies engaged in business-to-business sales. People use LinkedIn to network with other professional so businesses can make valuable connections by engaging with users on the platform.
  • LinkedIn users are typically professionals, therefore it is a good platform to make business to business sales introductions and to establish thought leadership in your industry.


  • People often turn to Twitter to learn about current events or to put their own spin on viral hashtags, making it a particular useful platform for your insurance business in the media industry.


  • Often, users visit Pinterest specially to discover and compare food, home, beauty, or fashion products. Thus, it is an excellent way for insurance businesses to connect with customers.

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