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In today’s aggressive and customer-centric professional world, customers want immediate responses, quality interactions, and timely results. Thus, insurance agents should consider the benefit of hiring virtual assistants where calls, emails, chats, collection of clients’ information, insurance quoting and more can be handled.

An insurance virtual assistant is a remote professional who performs tasks for your agency. Virtual assistants are popular for marketing, administrative and prospecting services. In the insurance industry, they can perform similar tasks for you. You also have the option to train them further in tasks specific to your company. That way, they are able to extend their assistance to more areas of your business. Insurance virtual assistant makes sure your business doesn’t suffer from you doing paperwork instead of making connections and creating new business. They free you up from clerical works and let you focus on client facing tasks that lead to closing more deals.

Virtual assistants can help you in many ways;

  • Customer Support

Customer support services is very important in the field of insurance agencies because they have to look after their customers and make sure that their needs are being addressed throughout the time. Virtual assistants can become your guide for generating results that can impress most of your customers. By keeping their requirements in mind, the virtual assistant can schedule their meetings and answer questions right away.

  • Agent Support

Virtual Assistants play a significant role in benefitting insurance agents. As the agent has to go through multiple portals and pages to find out and display the information on insurance to customers, virtual assistants can take up this tedious job while the agent serves customers.

  • Query Management

Managing multiple queries from customers is not an easy task. Luckily, virtual Assistants can manage schedules and meetings. They can also be used to manage the queries poses by the customers efficiently.

  • Policy Recommendations

Virtual assistants can perform additional tasks; they can showcase the policies that the customers might be interested in. They can dig in information and helps find out the possible recommendations that their customers need.

  • Nurture Sales

Virtual Assistants are proving themselves extremely useful when it comes to helming better sales and customer support. With the assurance of serving customers anytime and anywhere, virtual assistants make it easier to claim the best customer service support, which results to attracting more customers.

  • Comparing Products

Virtual Assistants are good at performing multiple tasks, they can also be developed to work according to customers’ commands. They can be a big help to customers in finding the best policy through comparing one or more products easily which will help the customer conclude which policy suits the requirements he/she has set in mind.

  • Process Claims

Virtual Assistants are great at planning out and scheduling tasks. They can send alerts and set alarms for the planned tasks. And this can be an excellent benefit for the insurance agencies as they can assign the claims processing tasks and schedule the claims to provide excellent services and automate the claims processing.

  • Increase Reach

Virtual assistants can promote your services across the world along with serving your customers with the best services thus help you increase your reach and expand operations.

  • Seamless Task Integration and Management

In times when customer queries are becoming complex and your integrated virtual assistant doesn’t know about it, the virtual assistant can direct the flow to live agents and the seamless integration allows them to take over before the customer finds any faults. This not only encourage an excellent user experience but it also provides an easier way to provide excellent services.

  • Manage Premiums

Insurance agencies are most concerned about the premiums they charge to their customers. While virtual assistants are there to monitor the activities of their customers, it can also be used at their benefit as they can observe and conclude the risk associated with each customer to attend them accordingly. By knowing the risk factor associated with each customer, the insurance can plan out their premium plans accordingly by offering low premiums to lower risk customers and penalizing the high- risk customers. This helps them maintain their profit intact and ensure their growth.

Indeed, Virtual Assistants have proven to be very beneficial, they empower businesses to do a lot more and attract more customers. With virtual assistant, insurance agencies can reap benefits and increase their customer reach.

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