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Participating in the Controversial Uproar

By February 10, 2021No Comments

Generally, we try to avoid participating in things that are political or controversial. It just makes life easier to step aside from the drama. Here’s why that’s the wrong idea.


Ever-Changing Algorithms

Social Media Platforms are constantly changing their algorithms making it hard to know what to post and when to post it. One thing is for certain… they like engagement. The more engagement your page has the more likely the other marketing things you do will succeed. One of the easiest and quickest ways to gain engagement is to embrace the controversy. Controversy creates conversation. People are more likely to comment, react, and share things that are surprising, crazy, and controversial.


Topics Vary

Right now, we are witnessing A LOT of controversies just in the political world. Naturally, it would be easy to talk about the protests at capitals, decisions governors are making, and more. Topics like that are good and will do the trick but it is also effective to talk about fun controversial topics like #teamedward vs. #teamjacob and is Selena Gomez going to get back together with Justin Bieber? Mix it up a bit to draw different audiences to you.


How to Start 

  1. Choose a topic that you believe in and are interested in. By doing this your writing will seem more genuine and heartfelt.
  2. Write! Sit down and get something on paper. You can edit it later but it’s good to get something down initially.
  3. Have someone else look at your writing. It is helpful to have a second pair of eyes to catch any mistakes and add feedback.
  4. Post your content and then wait…
  5. Always make sure you monitor what is going on. Be sure that people are being nice and on topic. You don’t want other people’s actions to influence your brand appearance.


By changing your outlook on controversial topics and by using them to your advantage, you will see a change in how your social media trends. However, if this task seems daunting, reach out to Agency VA. We specialize in Social Media Marketing 😊

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