The Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Insurance Assistant

A recent Ipsos poll found that 69% of Americans have used a mobile or online virtual assistant to help resolve an issue or find an answer. Is this a surprise? As the American economy becomes increasingly digital, consumers are being trained to seek out virtual help for the quickest response times.

Now, the questions for insurance agencies are:
  • How can they keep up with a consumer base that demands quick answers & resolutions?
  • How can they leverage a partner like Agency VA and their virtual assistants to achieve customer satisfaction & overall business goals?

Growth Issues For Insurance Agencies

Most insurance agencies have experienced pain points around accommodating high volumes of inquiries from customers. This is a serious issue because:
  • Customers are seeking out quick response times
  • An agency’s growth hinges on inquiries (calls, emails, online, chats, etc.)
That’s why it’s critically important for an insurance business to optimize toward accommodating as many inquiries as possible. It’s also why so many businesses are turning toward virtual assistants, like ours at Agency VA, as a professional and cost effective way to help them handle their inquiries and day to day business tasks.

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant Agency?

There are numerous benefits to working with a virtual assistant agency like ours at Agency VA, but here are some of the biggest:
  1. Working with a VA Agency is often more cost effective than hiring full-time employees.
  2. A business can save valuable time – as the VA agency will be responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and more.
  3. A business can enjoy additional support & flexibility as they will now be partnered with a specialist to help them fulfill various business needs.

How To Use A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant should be used to support both the individuals of a business and the business as a whole.

Often times individuals within a business begin wearing too many hats, which prevents them from focusing on their specialized job function. Your virtual assistant should be used to give time back to your specialists and senior level team members, so they can maximize their productivity.

often struggle with staffing – whether with the time needed to onboard a new employee, or an issue with finding the right talent. However, by working with a partner like us at Agency VA these pain points can be relieved through our vetted virtual assistants, who we will be training and onboarding for you. Our virtual assistants will step into most any roll you need filled at your insurance agency, and give you expert level support.

Are Virtual Assistants Worth It?

Growing a business requires capital and a virtual assistant agency can help you need less of it. Here’s how:
  • Full-time workers can be expensive to manage, develop, and pay. However, a VA agency can help you manage and develop virtual assistants who will also work at a cost effective rate.
  • Virtual assistants reduce the need for ever growing office space, which again reduces cost, and allows your business to be more agile in an ever changing real estate market.

Get Help Streamlining Your Business 

To be successful in insurance, a business needs well-documented systems & processes. However, it’s often hard for a business owner, especially in the insurance industry, to find time to build out a streamlined business structure.
No problem! Highly developed virtual assistants, like ours, know how to set up operations to streamline your business processes. Also, at Agency VA we specifically provide highly developed communication channels and data backed reporting to help your virtual assistant relationships flourish!

How Will A Virtual Assistant Improve Your Services?

In the insurance industry customers desire a good policy for a fair price, but they also want reliability and good communication. Customers want to know that their agency and agents are a phone call away with the answer to their questions.
Our virtual insurance assistants are trained to be excellent communicators, providing a superior customer experience, leading to:
  • Higher close rates
  • Better customer retention
  • Additional customer referrals

Increase Your Insurance Business’s Asset Value

As we’ve noted throughout this article there’s a tremendous value in partnering with a virtual assistant agency, such as ours at Agency VA.

With better systems, more cost effective staffing, maximized growth, and defined processes your business won’t just grow,  but it’ll become a more purchasable entity, with a typically higher valuation and purchase price.

Hire Virtual Assistants For Your Insurance Business

Are you ready to benefit from hiring virtual assistants and partnering with VA Agency?

Don’t wait, book your consultation with us at Agency VA today. We’re a specialist in the insurance industry at retention, growth, and cost reduction!

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